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7320 South US 1
Pt St Lucie, Florida
1/4 mile north of Prima Vista Blvd

We carry not only scooters, dirt and pocket bikes, but we also stock a variety of ATV's ranging from 49cc to 300cc. ATV's (all terrain vehicle) are also known as 4 wheelers and quads. We specialize in ATV's for the kids, but we also have a several models for the adults. We have fully automatic as well as 3 and 4 speed ATV's. Most of our ATV's are available in several color options; Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Earth camouflage, Green camouflage or Pink camouflage. The Pink camouflage seems to be a big hit with the girls.

This ATV is a perfect gift for small children with a seat height of just 20". It's a 49cc 2 stroke fully automatic, electric starter and governor, that allows you to determine how fast the ATV can travel. Just $539



This sporty ATV is a 4 stroke engine and fully automatic with a seat height of 23" is a perfect choice for older kids. It has a governor, remote stop and fall off safety switch.By The 110cc is the most popular size amongst the younger people. This unit is just $849.00



We also have a 110cc of this utility version ATV for the kids, fully automatic. It's seat height is 23" and comes with a governor, remote stop and fall off safety switch. Starts at just $949.00.

Our 125cc version with reverse is just $1099

Full size 110 sports and utility versions are available for adults, at just $1299



We have a mid size 4x2 125cc,semi automatic 3 speed or fully automatic with reverse. Large enough to carry an adult and the perfect size for teenages. Just $1199.00.




We also have a full size 4x2 125cc and 150cc air cooled in the sports and utility versions. Seat height is 30" manual or 3 speed semi automatic available, both transmissions have reverse. The 125 and 150 units are for adults just getting started in the sport, so you won't need the remote stop. Sports models starting at just $1399 and utility at $1499




We also have full size 4x2 250cc ATVs, water cooled with reverse and 4 speed transmission for the adults. It is available in both the sports and utility models starting at $1999.00. Our 200cc models are only $1899.00




And for 4x4 off roaders we offer this 36" seat height utility model ATV in a water cooled, 300cc, 4 wheel drive automatic shift version, with reverse and Hi-Low gears. It can handle a 300lb load and includes a winch and angle gauge. All for only $4999.00. An optional snow plow is available and is in stock only during the Florida snow season.


For the serious 4x4 off roader we offer ATVs 300cc up to 700cc. This 5 speed automatic shift with shaft drive and high torque engine gives you more power than it's competition. And it's oil and air cooled so that it can cross a river or get it's engine covered in mud without overheating or damage to the ATV. Starting at just $5995.(Click on image to enlarge)

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