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Don't fear when the power goes out, Treasure Coast Scooters stocks a full line of quality portable generators. We stock more than 100 portable generators right here in Port Saint Lucie. Our generators are highly rated commerial, whisper quiet units, and only make 69 db in noise; a normal conversation 3 feet away is normal 71 db. These Vortex commerical generators use the Honda GX240 & GX360 style engines (under a licensing agreement with Honda).

We personally have experienced several hurricane power outages, and we know what you need and stock the most common generator sizes to fit your needs. These long lasting, hard working generators come in sizes ranging from 1800 watts to 8500 watts. Our larger portable generators can be ordered with diesel powered engines. If you need a generator shipped we can have it to you in about 3 days or less.

Our popular generator is a 3800 watt unit which can produce approximately 27 amps (3000 Watts) *continuous power and surges to 3800 watts (about 35 amps), and it's price starts at just $399.00 which includes a host of accessories.


This portable generator is probably the most that you will need in a hurricane. We can assist you in picking out the right size generator for your needs. It will run your Refrigerator, a freezer, a TV, several lights and a window A\C unit with power to spare.

As with all our generators, they have four 120 volt outlets and a 240 volt outlet, as well as a 12 volt outlet to charge up your boat or car batteries.

Our 4800 watt generator produces about 36 amps of continuous power. As with all our units, it is super quiet, reliable and affordable. You can order them with or without wheel kits, and electric starters.

We must be honest with you, once a hurricane is in the forecast, we will probably be out of stock of these generators within a day. The line of customers will be out the door. So be sure to get your generator before the season starts. If fact, if you have FP&L as your electric supplier you probably should have one right now. If your tight on money now, use our layaway plan to reserve your generator.

Our most popular 6500 watt generator is an under rated 7000 watt unit, and generates about 45 amps of *continuous power, with a whopping 60 amps of surging power. That should be enough to start your central A\C unit and run most appliances, all at the same time. And it is so quiet your neighbors may not even hear it running.

We're in the scooter business, and we talk 80 to 140 mile per gallon or more. So we know when something is economical to run and these babies run on just .36 gallon per hour under normal load.

When you buy a generator from Treasure Coast Scooters and Things, we give you $45.00 worth of extras, a 240 volt 30 amp plug and 4 outlet plugs so you can back feed your home. We even give you a 12 volt plug and wiring to charge up your car/scooter/boat battery. We'll throw in a quart of oil to get you started, which is enough oil to fill the unit and for your first oil change. And all our generators come with a 90 warranty on all parts with 50/50 labor.

So come on down to our Port Saint Lucie showroom and checkout our portable generators.

Continuous power means 8 hours of continuous use. To learn more about generators see our editorial on Hurricanes and Generators.

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